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And here you probably thought all I made was Disaster Dioramas....

Joss Whedon's internet sensation now in paper form!

I'm a big fan of the musical blog / webseries. Hopefully, you are too! Who doesn't love commentary done in musical form? Now recreate your favorite scenes with these cute papercrafts of the characters. Hopefully a new in a week or so, but we'll see.

Dr. Horrible - White Costume Captain Hammer Penny
Download | (1MB) Download | (1MB) Download | (1.6 MB)
Dr. Horrible - Red Costume
Download | (1.3MB)

Now the fun almost legally fine print sorta part. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is © Joss Whedon. These papercrafts are very not officially endorsed by him. I've never met him, except I think I saw him have lunch at Tofu Ya one day a long time ago, and that's the closest I've ever been to seeing him. Hopefully, he won't sue me over this. They are just for fun. As always - I'd like to hear about good or bad things. Drop me a line.